Independent Productions

mysteryloveThe Mystery Of Love [link]
2-hour special, PBS, 2006
Executive producer, co-producer, co-writer

SheSaysShe Says: Women in News [link]
PBS, 2000
Executive producer, co-writer

the-power-of-myth-dvdJoseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
with Bill Moyers, [link] PBS, 1986
Executive producer

the-secret-governmentThe Secret Government: The Constitution
in Crisis, [link] PBS, 1987
Co-executive producer

Executive Producer
| WNET, 1985

New York & Co | WNET, 1984-5
Bill Moyers Journal | PBS, 1978-81

Producer, Writer, Reporter
Danger! Radioactive Waste
| NBC News, 1977

The Search for Something Else | NBC News, 1976
Mary Jane Grows Up: Marijuana in the ’70s | NBC News, 1975
Of Women and Men | NBC News, 1975
Gay Liberation | WNBC-TV, 1972
Abortion in New York | WNBC-TV, 1971
What Man Shall Live and Not See Death | WNBC-TV, 1971
Different but Equal | WNBC-TV, 1970
Man in the Middle | WNBC-TV, 1970
How to Make a Dirty River | WNBC-TV, 1970
Oh! Woodstock | WNBC-TV, 1969
Faces Of Christ | WNBC-TV, 1969

Co-producer, co-writer
New World, Hard Choices | NBC News, 1976
Of Women and Men | NBC News, 1975

The Mystery of Love


She Says: Women in News


Danger! Radioactive Waste


Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers


The Secret Government: A Constitution in Crisis